Scope of Partnership


Any school or teacher that hosts at least one student from the UW-Madison School of Education is a “partner.” All partners play a vital and unique role in the preparation of future teachers. In addition to receiving a stipend and UW ID badge eligibility, these teachers report that hosting a student keeps their practice vital and helps them remain connected with UW faculty/supervisors. As colleagues at the university, we want to recognize this willingness to give back to the profession by making cooperating teachers aware of UW-Madison resources and opportunities (research, outreach, professional learning, etc.).

Collaborative Partners

“Collaborative Partners” share the same qualities as “partners” with a few additional attributes. Some teachers share their practice in UW methods course or seminar or are involved in some form of ongoing research or inquiry with partners at the UW-Madison. Additionally, many take part in UW-Madison professional learning activities or host a UW-Madison Network Fellows project.

Like “partners,” they stay abreast of new cross-organizational opportunities, many of which are shared at quarterly partnership meetings. A stipend is available for one school- or group-based liaison that wishes to attend these meetings. Meetings are typically held in late August, October, January, and April. Partner principals are also invite to attend one meeting per year.

Teacher Education Partners

“Teacher education partners” include a cadre of experienced cooperating teachers that are committed to working closely with the UW-Madison. This group could be from one school or could represent a specialty area, such as special educators, early childhood, etc. Educators, both from the schools and the UW, mutually invest in the preparation of future educators and in the continuous renewal of their respective schools/programs. This boundary-spanning work is integrated into the regular job descriptions of all partners. Individuals from these groups receive priority for professional learning scholarships or grants from the UW-Madison School of Education.